Broker of record and providing customer service

When it comes to finding a broker of record most agents only need a place to hang a license so streamlining the solution to the fastest way possible to get an agent out of the gate with their business is key. I do this by being available. Picking up the phone helps to get things done faster. When starting your own brokerage company you have commissions you need to make and pay your own bills. I understand this and make every effort to be there for you. The long lost art of picking up the phone when it rings is not lost with me. Of course there are times when one is truly busy, eating dinner with another client or asleep. If a message is left, the call is returned promptly within a reasonable time of the day. Business in simple in my mind. Provide exceptional customer service, be available to your clients and the relationship will be strong. How many times have you called to make an appointment to see a home for sale and you never get a call back? This behavior is unacceptable. My mission is to your broker of record and be there for you. Although I am not a traditional brokerage model that provides staff support to all agents. You as the head of the business can count on me if you need something.

Hiring a broker of record is an important decision. With our very cost effective fee and streamlined process, we are the best choice I feel in customer service and a healthy long term relationship.

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