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Florida Qualifying Broker of Record Service for the agents who want their OWN company

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About Your Florida Real Estate Broker Of Record 

Florida Qualifying Broker of Record Service for the agents who want their OWN company

Jared Dalto is the Broker of The Palm Beach Group located in Boca Raton, FL. He is a full time real Estate Broker and licensed since 2003. The Broker of Record service was created to provide Licensed and entrepreneurial real estate agents in Florida with an opportunity to implement their business model in their own company and profit from their own Real Estate business and experience.
Many real estate agents are proficient in residential, commercial or business brokerage transactions and have closed enough volume to venture out on their own. We seek out those agents to become their qualifying broker of record, so they may increase their income and navigate their business with the support and sponsorship of a Broker of Record. Professionals who work hard and are self starters excel in real estate with great work ethics and creativity. These businesses drive real estate in Florida with their business, commercial and residential experience. I am happy to be a part of that. Feel free to call me or email to discuss your plans and how Jared Dalto can be your broker of record.

How it Works

Step by step guide to how it works and associated fees:

1. Send us a message or call us now to discuss hiring me to be your Florida qualifying broker of record.
2. If you already own a corporation, please be sure, if you are a Sales Associate, you are not an officer, director or manager as this isn’t permitted for a Brokerage. Then skip to step 4. If you do not have a corporation yet, you need to legally create your entity by filing the articles of incorporation with the Florida Department of State. You will need the physical address of the business which must be in the state of Florida. Also the names of all shareholders of the company.

Filing Fee and Certificate of Status: $78.75
Make check payable to the Florida Department of State and mail the completed form and check to:
Department of State
Division of Corporations
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314


3. Obtain an EIN or Federal Employer Identification Number from the IRS after forming your company. This is a tax ID for your new legal entity. All transactions for the company will use this tax ID.
4. Sign our simple agreement which specifies my functions and responsibilities with your company as well as yours. Our agreement also mandates how the company can be Inspection and Audit ready at any given time, so it becomes our explicit guide to follow.
5. Apply for a Real Estate Company License with the DBPR in Florida adding me as your qualifying broker. Use application form DBPR-RE-7 ($77) and Application form DBPR-RE-13 ($77). These forms can be completed and submitted online and I will help you submit them.
6. Obtain a tax receipt from the county. A fee may apply with the county where your company is located. $60-$300.
7. Contact me so that I can activate your license on the DBPR Website. No fee applies.
8. Join your local board. Fees apply for a new brokerage.
9. Start earning 100+%!


Start your own brokerage and you decide how to run your own business and how many agents work for you.

You currently have a split of 80/20, 70/30 etc. If you sold only 3 homes per year at $300,000 on your 80/20 split you are paying your broker $5400 per year. Plus they are collecting a per transaction fee of $295-$399 ($897-$1197 per year).

How can this change?

When I am your broker of record,  YOU are collecting the $295-$399 per transaction fee from your clients! Remember in addition you will be paying for E&O insurance which will be roughly $800-$1000 per year. In this scenario you keep the extra $5400 you’d be paying your broker. Plus you keep the transaction fee of $399×3= $1197. An instant 20-30+% raise.

You are on a 100% commission plan. You pay a brokerage fee of $295-$399 per transaction regardless of the price of the property.

How can that change?

When I am your broker of record, it is your brokerage and YOU are collecting the $295-$399 per transaction from your clients! Remember in addition you will be paying for E&O insurance which will be roughly $800-$1000 per year. In this scenario if you charge a $399 per transaction and close 12 properties per year you earn an additional $1288. 12 transaction x $399 = $4788, $4788-$3500 (cost of your own brokerage) = $1288 in additional income. If you added just one agent to your brokerage you are collecting the $399 per transaction as well. You can see how this will multiply very quickly into significant additional income.

Why is this better than 100% commission broker programs?

  • By owning your own residential, commercial or business brokerage business in Florida you can effectively earn more than 100% easier and faster. For example, close one $500,000 property and charge the typical buyer commission $295-$395, also called a transaction fee like all the big brokerages do and you will not only pay for the month with us, but put more than 100% towards your bottom line.
  • You can get creative. List properties for a flat fee or list properties for free starting at $500,000+ and bind the seller to a buyer brokerage agreement to buy a property through you when they sell. This locks you into a buyer’s side commission of $15,000. Do this 10X per year and you gross $150,000! Creativity is the key to success and BIG BOX brokerages do not allow creativity.
  • Control every aspect of your business. Advertise where you want and create a website with your own presence online.
  • Other brokerages use the commission or transaction fees ($295-$395) to make money. We don’t expect you to turn this fee over to us. It’s yours to keep. Add more agents and have them use the same commission or transaction fee agreement to increase your profit. Split the fee with your agents or keep it all. The problem with 100% commission brokerage plans is, if your seller or buyer does not pay the transaction or commission fee you have to pay it out of your own commission. You earn less than 100%.
  • What name should you call your own brokerage? Maybe using names with words like luxury, coastal, ocean, seaside, farm, equestrian or other words you think of will give you a big head start to compete with other big companies.
  • Maybe you want to start 2 brokerages with different business plans. We will give you a discount on the 2nd brokerage of 20%. Think about the residential, commercial and business opportunities.
  • Reseller program! If you refer me an agent who needs a qualifying broker of record and the agent signs up with FloridaBrokerofRecord.com, I’ll give you 25% of his/her fee for every month the relationship lasts or 25% of the yearly fee. We pay 1x per year. If they bring on more agents to their brokerage, this number goes up. The good part is, it is all public record so you know how many agents they bring to the brokerage company.
I only collect a flat fee of $289 per month for a single office with you as an agent. Add as many additional agents as you want for $24.99 per month per agent.
Our program is NOT for new agents. Since I am the most economical qualifying broker of record service, I only want relationships with those agents who have transactions under their belt, no complaints against their license and possibly pass a criminal background check. We are serious about creating healthy long term relationships with local, ethical, trustworthy real estate business people. Whether you are looking for residential, commercial or business broker of record we have the solution for your company.

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