Broker of Record Real Estate

For real estate agents or someone with a real estate business model you can make life easier with a broker of record real estate partner. I’ll continue to use the word partner not in the literal sense, but more as a necessity for anyone looking to grow a brokerage and control all aspects of the business. A qualifying broker of record is a must to legally be in business. With your own brokerage you can decide how to run the real estate brokerage including, how much of a split to pay agents, what transaction fee to charge and how creative you want to be within the real estate business. Since a broker of record real estate partner is essential to creating the lucrative self run real estate sales commission model, we believe you as an agent or entrepreneur should have the same opportunity to make as much money as you can. The time for change is now. Your future earnings can be multiplied by simply starting your own business and recruiting your own agents to earn underneath you. Think about it. If you had 2 agents closing 1 transaction per month for a total of 24 and you charged a $295 transaction fee, you would generate an extra $7080. This is a significant amount of money. Not to mention you are likely going to be doing your own deals if you are a licensed agent. Maybe they are on a 80/20 or 90/10 split. The get the idea that by bringing on only a couple of successful agents can provide much more to your bottom like. Not to mention when you decide to partially retire you can have those agents keep making you money. The kicker to the whole idea is you must have a broker of record partner. Without the broker of record partner you simply have an idea. Those that think outside the box always want more creativity or earn more money for their efforts. even if your broker is providing lots of leads they will likely want a nice hefty split for them. The fact is most agent produce their own leads, pay for their own marketing and already have their own business. This method provides an escape clause to rocket your own career to a new level. When the time is right, you will know it. Working to pay the broker their split, plus other fees and what about the transaction fee? Now you can keep it. This just makes sense for an agent now-a-days to achieve more and build their own brand with the help of a broker of record real estate partner.

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