How it Works

Step by step guide to how it works and associated fees:

1. Send us a message or call us now to discuss hiring me to be your Florida qualifying broker of record.
2. If you already own a corporation, please be sure, if you are a Sales Associate, you are not an officer, director or manager as this isn’t permitted for a Brokerage. Then skip to step 4. If you do not have a corporation yet, you need to legally create your entity by filing the articles of incorporation with the Florida Department of State. You will need the physical address of the business which must be in the state of Florida. Also the names of all shareholders of the company.

Filing Fee and Certificate of Status: $78.75
Make check payable to the Florida Department of State and mail the completed form and check to:
Department of State
Division of Corporations
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314


3. Obtain an EIN or Federal Employer Identification Number from the IRS after forming your company. This is a tax ID for your new legal entity. All transactions for the company will use this tax ID.
4. Sign our simple agreement which specifies my functions and responsibilities with your company as well as yours. Our agreement also mandates how the company can be Inspection and Audit ready at any given time, so it becomes our explicit guide to follow.
5. Apply for a Real Estate Company License with the DBPR in Florida adding me as your qualifying broker. Use application form DBPR-RE-7 ($77) and Application form DBPR-RE-13 ($77). These forms can be completed and submitted online and I will help you submit them.
6. Obtain a tax receipt from the county. A fee may apply with the county where your company is located. $60-$300.
7. Contact me so that I can activate your license on the DBPR Website. No fee applies.
8. Join your local board. Fees apply for a new brokerage.
9. Start earning 100+%!