Why is this better than 100% commission broker programs?

  • By owning your own residential, commercial or business brokerage business in Florida you can effectively earn more than 100% easier and faster. For example, close one $500,000 property and charge the typical buyer commission $295-$395, also called a transaction fee like all the big brokerages do and you will not only pay for the month with us, but put more than 100% towards your bottom line.
  • You can get creative. List properties for a flat fee or list properties for free starting at $500,000+ and bind the seller to a buyer brokerage agreement to buy a property through you when they sell. This locks you into a buyer’s side commission of $15,000. Do this 10X per year and you gross $150,000! Creativity is the key to success and BIG BOX brokerages do not allow creativity.
  • Control every aspect of your business. Advertise where you want and create a website with your own presence online.
  • Other brokerages use the commission or transaction fees ($295-$395) to make money. We don’t expect you to turn this fee over to us. It’s yours to keep. Add more agents and have them use the same commission or transaction fee agreement to increase your profit. Split the fee with your agents or keep it all. The problem with 100% commission brokerage plans is, if your seller or buyer does not pay the transaction or commission fee you have to pay it out of your own commission. You earn less than 100%.
  • What name should you call your own brokerage? Maybe using names with words like luxury, coastal, ocean, seaside, farm, equestrian or other words you think of will give you a big head start to compete with other big companies.
  • Maybe you want to start 2 brokerages with different business plans. We will give you a discount on the 2nd brokerage of 20%. Think about the residential, commercial and business opportunities.
  • Reseller program! If you refer me an agent who needs a qualifying broker of record and the agent signs up with FloridaBrokerofRecord.com, I’ll give you 25% of his/her fee for every month the relationship lasts or 25% of the yearly fee. We pay 1x per year. If they bring on more agents to their brokerage, this number goes up. The good part is, it is all public record so you know how many agents they bring to the brokerage company.