Real estate broker license Florida

September 27, 2015

So you want to get your real estate broker license in Florida? I may just have an alternative for you that can get you one now in an indirect way.

There are many who want a real estate broker license in Florida but this is not an easy task if you are working in the real estate business as a full time agent without much spare time. Not to mention that you must have a real estate sales associate license for 2 years before you qualify for the broker’s license. After two years of having your sales associate license one must first sign up for a real estate school brokerage class and pass a 72 hour course exam. Once you pass the exam you are ready to take the Florida State real estate broker license exam. This is not an easy test which is very apparent by the amount of licensed real estate agents vs brokers in Florida. If you have no time to study then many will fail the test over and over because of lack of time. Time is money and if you want to earn 1005 with your own company, the best way to accomplish this is to hire a broker who already has a Florida license.

Our solution to make the schooling process not needed is to hire me as your qualifying broker of record to make sure your company is 100% legally complying with the state regulations and laws. I use my real estate broker license in Florida to allow your company to be your own real estate brokerage firm. For lack of a better word you are renting the broker license to do business. It now allows you to keep 100% of your commissions and bring on agents for a nominal fee. This is a quicker solution to taking the 72 hour class and waiting 2 years from when you received your sales associate license. By hiring me to qualify your brokerage with my real estate broker license your Florida brokerage will be up and running in no time at all.

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